2 injured in workplace accident involving power lines

Illinois residents who work in the construction industry should be aware of the dangers of working near electricity. Two men are recovering from a construction accident that caused life-threatening injuries. The men were working on a church when they were electrocuted by scaffolding that had fallen on power lines.

The men were working with crews at First Baptist Church in Panama City, Florida, on the morning of March 25. As a piece of scaffolding was being lowered, it made contact with power lines. The result was electrical shock to the two men, ages 45 and 49.

One man suffered cardiac arrest in the workplace accident. His heart stopped and he lost consciousness, but emergency crews were able to revive him. The other man suffered electrical burns to his feet and hands. He was conscious while crews transported him to the emergency room of a local hospital. Both men were later transferred to a burn center out of state.

Construction accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, as seen in this case. An investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will likely be performed to understand the cause of the accident. This could be merely a simple accident or something as extreme as employer negligence.

At the very least, the injured employees could receive workers’ compensation benefits. The compensation is modest, but it can help with everyday expenses. If the employer is held liable for the accident, the employees could potentially file a lawsuit and receive even more money, especially since the two suffered serious injuries. The men are truly fortunate to be alive after such a horrible accident.

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2 injured in workplace accident involving power lines