4 injured in drunk-driving car accident in Illinois

After a serious car accident, it’s sometimes good to hear that the victims are recovering well. In this case, you’ll be glad to know that an Illinois State University student who was injured in a car accident is recuperating from back and pelvic fractures in the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City. The student was airlifted to the hospital in Iowa following the approximately 1:50 a.m. car accident that injured four people including herself. One of those individuals is still in critical condition, and the conditions of the other two are unknown.

According to the news, the driver of the car that struck the girl and three others was being driven by a 37-year-old. You may be wondering what would cause an accident so late at night, when the roads are primarily clear. The driver was charged with aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol following the arrival of police. Unfortunately, at that point, the four in the second car had already been injured and had to be treated for dangerous injuries.

The news reports that while the student is recovering in Iowa City, her friend, a male injured in the accident, is still fighting to come back from his injuries. He was left with severe head injuries in the crash, and was hospitalized at the time of the report. According to the news, his last known condition was critical.

Interestingly, a fundraising effort has already been started for the man’s medical expenses, because they will likely be high with his extensive hospital stay. The fundraiser has allegedly already raised over $23,000, even though he should not have to be paying for the injuries caused by a drunken driver. Hopefully, the driver was insured and will be made to compensate those injured in the car crash.

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4 injured in drunk-driving car accident in Illinois