Black Box devices could soon bolster victims’ cases

The term “black box” has been synonymous with airplane crash investigations for decades in America. These near-indestructible boxes have offered information about pilots’ actions and outside events that have enabled accidents to be reconstructed and better understood, providing valuable answers for both victims’ families and airline companies.

Now it appears that drivers in Cook County and across America will soon have a similar trove of data available to them in the event of an accident or unexpected collision. Earlier this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reaffirmed its support for the inclusion of black boxes in all new cars and light trucks arriving on the nation’s roadways.

Capable of recording vehicle speed, braking, and even seat belt use, black boxes may provide those injured in an auto accident and/or their families an opportunity to bolster their case with hard, indisputable evidence of another driver’s negligence, reckless behavior, or even intoxication.

Supported by the White House itself, the NHTSA’s recommendation was reviewed by the capitol’s Office of Management and Budget earlier this month, and new regulatory laws could be in place as soon as early 2013. Although some groups, including the ACLU and Congress itself have expressed anxiety over the possible invasion of personal privacy, the NHTSA is able to sidestep congressional approval with its own regulations, and given the heightened justice and safety black boxes will engender, their inclusion in new autos cannot come soon enough.

Even with the heightened mechanical information and post-accident data a black box will offer the victims of auto accidents, merely knowing the facts is not enough to secure a legal victory and the financial compensation victims and their families deserve. With the help of a personal injury attorney, however, a strong case that utilizes evidence, legal options, and skillful litigation can bring about restitution, closure, and the return to a stable life.

Source: AOL Autos, “Black Boxes Could Soon Help Solve Car Accidents,” Dec. 10, 2012

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Black Box devices could soon bolster victims’ cases