BMW crashes into Highland Park liquor store, igniting fire

An 84-year-old Northbrook woman crashed her 1998 BMW through a glass wall of Binny’s Beverage Depot in Highland Park. Although she up-ended displays of vodka and gin, neither the car nor the resulting fire caused any serious injuries to her or anyone else.

The driver, a retired human resources manager, said she believed that what caused her car to go out of control was a stuck accelerator. It jumped the curb on Skokie Valley Drive, and continued into the store. The driver and a store employee who helped pull her from the vehicle were both taken to Highland Park Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries and released. The car, which was charred in front, did not fare as well.

The Highland Park fire chief said he believed the fire, which produced flames five feet high, according to the driver, was the result of the lethal combination of gasoline and alcohol. However, firefighters who arrived on the scene were able to extinguish it within ten minutes. It did not spread to any of the nearby stores and other businesses, although the resulting smoke and fire were a frightening sight.

Both the driver and a spokesman for the Binny’s chain said they were just relieved that no one was seriously injured in the crash. The driver noted the irony of crashing into a liquor store, since she says she has never had a drink in her life.

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The Chicago Tribune, “Woman, 84, crashes into Binny’s: ‘And I’ve never had a drink in my life’” Gregory Trotter, Aug. 09, 2013

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BMW crashes into Highland Park liquor store, igniting fire