Chicago man charged after fatal car accident on I-80

People who live in Chicago know how congested the streets and highways can get. From traffic jams to construction work, busy road conditions can be a source of frustration and anxiety. However, even when the roads are clear and there are not many other cars around, it is still very possible to get into a serious car accident.

Some of the most devastating crashes happen on the highways. Cars are traveling at high speeds which can make it difficult or impossible to avoid a crash in time. Speed also plays a significant role in the damage that is done when two cars collide. This is why it is important that drivers operate their vehicles safely and responsibly.

A recent accident highlights the devastation that can be caused when a driver neglects his or her duty to drive safely at any time of day. It was just after midnight on a Saturday morning when a 30-year-old Chicago man caused a tragic accident that took the life of the victim in another car. The Chicago driver was in a green minivan and was allegedly driving drunk at the time.

According to reports, the minivan driver was traveling the wrong way on Interstate 80. Driving west in the eastbound lanes, the man crashed head-on into another man driving towards him. The 66-year-old victim of the accident was likely killed in the collision, but he was hit a second time by a truck that could not avoid the accident.

The driver of the minivan was arrested and charged with aggravated driving under the influence. He is facing a punishment of 14 years in prison for his actions. However, jail time may not be enough for the loved ones that the victim left behind. In addition to criminal penalties for the driver’s reckless behavior, it is possible that the victim’s family may also file civil charges against the alleged drunk driver.

It is true that neither lawsuits nor money can undo the damage that is caused in a fatal accident. However, compensation for a loss can help family members cope with financial damages related to medical bills and funeral expenses. It can also compensate a victim’s family for their pain and suffering.

Source: Morris Daily Herald, “Chicago man charged in fatal I-80 crash,” Christina Chapman-Van Yperen, March 6, 2013

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Chicago man charged after fatal car accident on I-80