Chicago wrong way car wreck kills 1, injuries 3others

Yet another wrong way car accident on Lake Shore Drive has occurred, resulting in the death of a promising young law student. This is the third incident of driving the wrong way on this busy Chicago expressway in recent years. Just last week, a man received a 10 year prison sentence for driving the wrong way on Lake Shore Drive and causing a car accident that killed two men.

According to authorities, the 23-year-old man was driving a late model Subaru SUV when he drove onto Lake Shore Drive in the wrong direction at about 1:50 a.m. last Friday. He traveled south in a northbound lane before colliding head-on with a taxi carrying a 26 year-old female law student and a male passenger.

Both passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment where the 26 year-old lingered until around 6:30 p.m. on Friday when she was pronounced dead. The male passenger was listed as in critical condition, and the taxi driver and the driver of the Subaru received injuries in the car wreck as well.

Reports indicate that the father of the wrong way driver made an appearance in a hearing about the accident on Sunday, where he apologized and said he is praying for the family of the car accident victim. Police reported that the driver of the Subaru received charges of reckless homicide along with driving under the influence.

All car accidents that result in injury or death are tragic, but when a car wreck could have been prevented, it worsens the situation for everyone involved. Not only does it have a powerful impact on the victims and their families, it can destroy the driver’s life as well. No compensation can make up for losing a loved one, but personal injury lawyers can help bring closure to the surviving family members by bringing the driver to justice.

Source: 5 NBC Chicago, “Chicago Man Charged After Fatal Lake Shore Drive Crash” No author given, May. 05, 2014

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Chicago wrong way car wreck kills 1, injuries 3others