Driver charged in fatal Illinois motorcycle crash awaits verdict

It was a sunny afternoon last summer when a 63-year-old man decided to hit the open road on his motorcycle. Stopped at an intersection, the rider likely had no idea that an enraged, impaired and reckless driver would come tearing through the area at any minute. As the motorcyclist moved through the intersection, the 32-year-old man in his car turned in front of him, causing the rider to crash into the vehicle. That driver is now facing charges in what turned out to be a tragic and fatal motorcycle accident.

According to reports, the driver’s judgment was clouded by rage when he caused the accident and then left the scene without stopping to help the motorcyclist. The driver had been involved in an altercation with teenagers in another vehicle and was chasing them through the streets of Naperville. Fueled by this road rage, he stopped only for a few seconds after causing the accident with the motorcycle before continuing his pursuit of the other vehicle.

The number of reckless decisions that were made immediately before and after this accident was highlighted during the driver’s trial. Sources indicate that the driver had both marijuana and cocaine in his system and had allegedly used marijuana the same day as the accident. He also took the altercation with the teens much too far when he decided to chase after them in a fit of rage, instead of calling the police or simply letting it go. He couldn’t even be bothered to stop and help the man who he had seriously injured in his pursuit of the other car.

In an attempt to take some of the blame off of the reckless driver, his attorneys tried to say that the motorcyclist had been drinking on the day of the accident. However, prosecutors argued that any alleged alcohol use was not a factor in the crash and reiterated the repeated instances of recklessness on the part of the driver.

A verdict is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Prosecutor: ‘Fog of rage’ led to fatal Naperville crash,” Clifford Ward, March 15, 2013

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Driver charged in fatal Illinois motorcycle crash awaits verdict