Drunk driver injures 4 people in Illinois car accident

Many people think nothing of having a few alcoholic drinks and then proceeding to drive. However, alcohol affects judgment more than a person might think. It can cause drivers to speed and disobey traffic laws, actions that can lead to a serious car accident. Four people were injured after a recent alcohol-related crash in Illinois.

A 37-year-old woman is now being charged with felony aggravated DUI after driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.156 — almost double the legal limit. She ran a red light at the intersection of Empire and Main streets in Bloomington, Illinois, after leaving a bar in the early morning hours of March 29. She was traveling at a rate of speed ranging from 45 to 60 mph when she hit another vehicle. The woman and her passenger were unharmed in the crash, but all four occupants of the vehicle she hit were injured.

There were three females and one male in the other vehicle. The male required brain surgery due to the severity of his injuries. He suffered multiple skull fractures in the accident. The conditions of the women are unknown. The woman who caused the accident is currently jailed with a bail of $50,025. Police are still investigating the accident.

Many underestimate the damage that a drunk driver can cause. Unfortunately, drunk drivers tend to injure others while walking away from serious accidents. The woman’s actions caused injuries to four people.

Ca accident victims may be able to file personal injury lawsuits against an at-fault to recover compensation to pay for their injuries and losses. Claims may include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

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Drunk driver injures 4 people in Illinois car accident