Illinois driver and 2 bars sued after fatal drunk driving crash

Two nightclubs which are said to have served liquor to an intoxicated driver are defendants in a lawsuit filed by the family of a 62-year-old woman who died in a subsequent car accident. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed in an Illinois state court and also names the 24-year-old accused intoxicated driver.

The victim was riding as a passenger in a 2005 Chevrolet pickup truck driven by one of her daughters. The woman is also survived by two other daughters and a son. While they traveled on an interstate highway, the male motorist is accused of having slammed his 2004 Ford Mustang into the rear of the women’s truck.

The victim’s daughter, who was driving the truck, was flung from her vehicle by the force of the impact, resulting in serious back injuries. Her mother suffered even worse injuries when the truck turned over. Medical emergency personnel summoned to the scene of the crash were unable to save her life.

The Mustang traveled down an embankment by the side of the highway, causing its driver to suffer injuries described as minor. A number of eyewitnesses to the incident reported that he had been speeding and changing lanes in an erratic manner prior to the accident.

The lawsuit claims that the two night spots which served him alcoholic beverages contributed to causing the accident and its resulting death and injuries. Drunk driving is extremely reckless behavior. In Illinois, it is possible to pursue compensation from both the responsible driver and from additional parties that may have contributed to a fatal drunk driving crash, such as the establishments that served alcohol to the driver. There are some legal conditions and stipulations that must apply, so it is vital to consult an attorney.

Source: The Telegraph, “Victim’s family sues over traffic crash death,” Sanford J. Schmidt, Nov. 30, 2012

Illinois driver and 2 bars sued after fatal drunk driving crash