Illinois laws aimed at curbing distracted truck driving in effect

Preventing trucking accidents from ever happening is crucial for many reasons. Trucking accidents can cause serious property damage and put people in danger if hazardous cargo is spilled after a crash. The cleanup efforts that are required after a crash can be substantial and can be costly, both in terms of money and time. But the most important reason to prevent these truck accidents is because they can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to the victims who are involved.

It is important for truck drivers to pay attention behind the wheel of their enormous vehicles. Too often, drivers get distracted by a phone call, text or email when they should be focused on the road. But a trucker who takes his or her eyes of the road for even a few seconds can travel quite a ways without even realizing it. This increases the chances that he or she will cross over the center line, rear end another vehicle or fail to notice dangerous road conditions.

Recognizing this serious risk, new laws were just passed and put into effect in Illinois which specifically addresses the issues related to distracted truck driving. In order to comply with current Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Illinois law was recently amended and now prohibits operators of a commercial vehicle from using a cellphone while driving. Previously, only texting while driving was prohibited in the state.

The damage that can be caused in a trucking accident is often significant. The aftermath of a crash can be a confusing and painful time for victims and their families, and it can be made worse by truckers and trucking companies who refuse to take responsibility for their negligent actions. However, an attorney can help identify any distracted or reckless behavior that may have contributed to an accident in order to help victims collect the compensation that they deserve.

Source:, “Illinois Cell Phone Ban for Truckers Now in Effect,” Jan. 9, 2013

Illinois laws aimed at curbing distracted truck driving in effect