Illinois man is hospitalized after truck accident

Trucking accidents can be very serious in nature due to the size of semi trucks. These huge tractor trailers can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and cause severe damage to passenger vehicles. One Illinois man is lucky to be alive after he hit a semi truck that turned in front of him.

The truck accident happened at the intersection of IL-96 and the I-72 onramp on the morning of Feb. 27. A 63-year-old man was traveling on IL-96 when the 76-year-old semi truck driver pulled out in front of him. The man could not stop in time and hit the semi’s trailer. The truck driver claims he did not see the other vehicle.

The extent of the man’s injuries are unknown, but he was taken to the hospital after the accident. It is unknown if the semi truck driver suffered any injuries, but he did receive a citation for failing to yield before turning left.

A truck crash can be caused by many factors. Truckers often work long hours and it is possible that the driver was fatigued after working all night long. Accidents can also be caused by intoxication or distractions. In this case, the truck driver claims that he simply didn’t see the pickup truck, but that is not an adequate excuse.

Depending on the severity of the man’s injuries, he could file a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver for his negligence. If he wins, he could recover compensation for medical expenses and any pain and suffering. In addition, multiple parties could be held liable for the accident, including the employer and truck company.

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Illinois man is hospitalized after truck accident