Illinois man sentenced for sexual assault of a woman and child

Earlier this week, an Elgin, Illinois, man who was already serving time for domestic battery, received a 16-year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a woman. Prosecutors say the attack occurred after the woman interrupted the defendant when he was attempting to assault a 10-year-old girl sexually.

According to the police and prosecutors, the incident occurred in May of 2012 following a pizza get-together at the Elgin home of the defendant. Allegedly, he invited the woman over to eat and she brought five children — her own and kids of family members — with her. Later that evening, the man invited the woman and the children to spend the night. All of the group, aside from a 10-year-old girl who had fallen asleep in the living room, retired to the home’s single bedroom for the night.

Reportedly, the woman woke during the night and discovered the defendant sexually assaulting the young girl. When she pulled the man away and sent the little girl to another room, the man allegedly offered her money to remain silent. At that point, he attacked her physically and sexually assaulted her, according to the victim’s report. After the defendant fell asleep, the victim allegedly called the police, who came and arrested the man.

The adult female victim in this case performed two very brave acts in the face of imminent danger; she saved a little girl from further child sexual abuse and went on to report the defendant’s criminal sexual conduct to authorities. It’s not easy to come forward with allegations of rape against someone you know, but it’s very possible that this woman has spared other potential victims from undesired sexual behavior or abuse. In addition to calling the police, getting help from a legal professional is another way those seeking justice for sex crimes can safely report sexual and physical abuse.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Man gets 16 years for attacking woman who stopped sexual assault of girl, 10” No author given, Mar. 18, 2014

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Illinois man sentenced for sexual assault of a woman and child