Lyme disease misdiagnosis raises issue of medical malpractice

A Norris City, Illinois, woman says that her life was changed forever after she suffered a bout of weakness while working in her yard two years ago. In fact, she recalls that she had difficulty making back inside her home from the front yard due to an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Following that incident, the woman says that she went to several doctors to see what had happened to her. For the next 18 months she travelled the country and says that she had more emergency room visits than she cared to remember.

Eventually, the woman found a doctor who told her that she suffered from a neurological disorder. The doctor informed her that she had something similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease, (Progressive Super Nuclear Palsy). He also predicted that the woman had less than a year before she would be totally disabled. The doctor suggested that she make the most of her remaining days by spending it with her family.

Fast forward to a chance conversation the woman had later with her physical therapist. The therapist told the woman about a friend of hers with Lyme disease who had similar symptoms. The woman says that she pursued the Lyme disease angle and soon recovered after receiving treatment. She has since started an awareness group for people suffering from the ailment.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the tick that carries the disease has been reported spreading westward from where the disease was first assessed in Lyme, Connecticut. There have since been numerous cases of Lyme disease reported in Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Patients have a right to receive necessary and appropriate care from their doctors. A misdiagnosis of an illness can sometimes lead to a worsening of the original medical problems and very likely is medical malpractice. People who have suffered unnecessarily from such preventable harm may be entitled to financial compensation for their pain and suffering.

The Carmi Times, “Resident shares story of difficulty in finding Lyme disease diagnosis” Braden Willis, Jun. 21, 2014

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Lyme disease misdiagnosis raises issue of medical malpractice