Most Bedrail Injuries and Wrongful Deaths Suffered by the Elderly

Sixty-one percent of bedrail injuries occur at home and twenty-five percent occurred at a nursing home or assisted living facility. So states a report of bedrail deaths and injuries issued in December 2012 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The report cites 155 wrongful deaths due to bedrails from the period of January 2003 through September of 2012. While 37,000 thousand people were treated for serious personal injury sustained in a bedrail accident during the same time period.

The Commission found that nearly half of those who died in bedrail accidents had medical problems, such as dementia, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease and occurred when the person became stuck in the bedrails, mainly by his or her neck.

Consumer safety advocates have long campaigned for federal regulators to study bedrail deaths and injuries. Advocates state that oversight remained on of the biggest issues because there are unanswered technical questions about which rails are medical devices and which are consumer products.

Unfortunately, hospital records or doctor’s notes do not indicate the manufacturer of the offending bedrail making it difficult to track a defect in a design or its implementation.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission will use this report to effect better coordination between federal regulators, namely consumer and drug agences as well as the Federal Trade Commission. The hope is that Congress will enact a task force to address the regulation of bedrails and bed systems, specifically rails that blur the line between being medical devices and comsumer products.

Grazian and Volpe has represented hundreds of victims of hospital and nursing home abuse and negligent. We advise loved ones to be ever vigil in noting and adressing lapses in care and the condition of the patient. Bedrail safety appears to be another area that the bedridden and their loved ones need to be cognizant.

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Most Bedrail Injuries and Wrongful Deaths Suffered by the Elderly