Passenger car causes truck accident, kills truck driver

When many people hear about truck accidents, they assume that the truck driver caused the accident. However, sometimes passenger vehicles fail to drive safely when in the vicinity of these large trucks. The result can be death, which is what recently happened on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway.

The truck accident occurred on the afternoon of Nov. 1 on Interstate 94. The semi-truck was hit by a car on the front left side, and the impact caused the truck to hit a concrete wall on the right side. The truck driver was ejected, and the truck proceeded to then cross the interstate and hit the wall on the left side. The 56-year-old truck driver died at the scene. The truck suffered extensive body damage.

The passenger car suffered moderate body damage. The driver refused medical treatment. The lanes were closed for more than four hours as police investigated and cleaned up the area.

It is unknown what caused the accident. With semi-trucks so large in size, it’s hard to believe that a driver could not see one. Perhaps the passenger car driver was inattentive and attempted to move into the lane without looking. Although unlikely, there’s always a possibility that the truck driver could be liable as well, if he was driving recklessly.

The family of the truck driver may still be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit if it is determined that the car driver is the at-fault driver. A personal injury lawsuit could help the family seek compensation for the many expenses they will incur. These include funeral expenses, as well as loss of income and emotional distress.

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Passenger car causes truck accident, kills truck driver