Route 59 car accident results in serious injuries

Drivers must obey traffic laws and signals at all times in order to keep not only themselves, but other motorists free of harm. When one driver has the right of way and another fails to follow traffic laws, serious accidents can result. Such was the case on the morning of Aug. 26 on Route 59 in Plainfield, Illinois, less than an hour outside Chicago.

The car accident occurred at the intersection of Caton Farm Road and Route 59. One driver was traveling northbound on Route 59 and turned in front of a van that had the right of way and was going southbound. The van crashed into the passenger side of the other vehicle, with the impact causing both vehicles to land in front of a nearby gas station. The driver of the van suffered minor injuries, including a broken wrist. He was taken to Presence St. Joseph Medical Center to be treated and has already been released.

The other driver suffered serious injuries. He was also taken to Presence St. Joseph Medical Center and is listed in critical condition. No charges have been filed yet. Police are still awaiting the results of blood tests and are monitoring the outcome of the victim’s medical condition.

The accident occurred in the early morning – just after 4 a.m. – when it is still dark outside. Did the victim not see the van? Was he in a hurry to get somewhere and therefore negligent in his actions? Was alcohol a factor? Hopefully the results of the investigation will answer these important questions.

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to various types of compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you prove liability so you can get back on your feet emotionally and financially.

Source:, “Update: Man in Critical Condition Following Route 59/Caton Crash” Shannon Antinori, Aug. 26, 2013

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Route 59 car accident results in serious injuries