Trucker cited for violations after accident with drunk driver

People may see an accident and believe that the cause of the accident is obvious. Maybe one driver spun out of control after speeding or drifted over the center line when they weren’t paying attention to the road. While observers may think that the cause of accident is pretty clear, there can often be a number of factors that contribute to a crash. Before just assuming that one person is to blame, it can be important to have an Illinois accident thoroughly investigated.

Recently, police had to take a closer look into a truck accident that happened early Saturday morning. They arrived on the scene to find a car completely totaled and stuck underneath a truck hauling 42,000 pounds of rice. The accident required some further exploration so that liability could be determined.

Police report that the accident occurred when a 34-year-old woman struck the rear of the truck. The driver of the big rig didn’t even notice his enormous vehicle had been struck and ended up dragging the car for about a mile before finally noticing and pulling off the road.

It was determined that both drivers played a role in the accident. The woman was driving while intoxicated and without a license. She was also following too closely behind the truck when she struck it. The truck driver, however, was also negligent in his duty to operate his truck safely and in complying with federal laws. He was cited for logbook violations and failure to properly secure his cargo.

In accidents with trucks or drunk drivers, the damage that can be done can be quite severe. Luckily in this case, neither driver was seriously injured, though the woman hurt her ankle and wrist and had to be cut out of her car. However, this is a good example of why accidents should be thoroughly investigated so that injured parties, with the help of an experienced attorney, may be able to pursue compensation.

Source: Chicago-Sun Times, “Cops: Drunken birthday reveler drivers under truck, gets dragged for a mile,” Oct. 27, 2012

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Trucker cited for violations after accident with drunk driver