Trucker who ran down trooper ordered off the road

A truck driver who struck a state trooper, killing him, had a medical condition which, had it been revealed, would have disqualified him from operating his commercial vehicle. He admittedly blacked out before the Illinois truck accident which occurred Nov. 26.

The officer who died had stopped his motorcycle on the side of the highway to carry out a traffic stop of another vehicle. While he stood next to the car he had pulled over, the trucker came barreling down the road and struck the officer.

According to reports, the trucker was employed by an Illinois company. Because his blackout was caused by his medical condition, which he failed to reveal during a mandatory Department of Transportation exam, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has forced him to stop driving.

The federal agency believes that the medical condition the trucker has, along with the drugs he must take to control it, render him a hazard to other motorists as well as pedestrians. During his medical exam for his commercial driver’s license, he apparently also failed to state the fact that he was taking prescription medication. The exact nature of his medical condition was not revealed to the public, but police reported finding the medication in the truck following the crash.

Both truck drivers and those who employ them have a serious obligation to make sure that they are not endangering the public while operating heavy trucks on public roads. As this tragic accident shows, failure to take this duty seriously can result in great bodily harm and fatal accidents. Drivers with medical conditions which make it dangerous to drive must reveal them to the authorities, and employers must adequately screen new hires to prevent other such accidents from occurring.

Source:, “FMCSA Orders Truck Driver to Stop Operating,” Dec. 3, 2012

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Trucker who ran down trooper ordered off the road