Two I-55 truck accidents in Illinois kill 5, injure 4

Last week, Illinois police arrested a semi-truck driver on multiple charges following a truck accident that killed four people and injured four others. Minutes after this June 21 accident, another crash involving a semi occurred approximately three miles away, taking the life of one person.

The first truck accident occurred at around 2:30 p.m. when the tractor-trailer allegedly approached a congested construction site on Interstate 55 at a high rate of speed. Witnesses say the truck crashed into a car, sparking a chain reaction involving a second tractor-trailer and three other vehicles.

Reportedly, authorities had to cut some of the injured parties from their cars and one was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Police arrested the truck driver on several violations of trucking laws including willful violation of a logbook and falsification of a logbook. He also received a citation for failure to reduce speed.

The second accident occurred near U.S. Route 6. Police say a southbound tractor-trailer hit a second semi-truck in the rear end. Both drivers were taken to hospitals. One of them was pronounced dead after arriving at St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet. News reports do not indicate who might have been at fault and make no mention of any pending charges.

Accidents involving tractor-trailers can be catastrophic due to their sheer size and weight. While most truck drivers practice caution behind the wheel, truck accidents still happen. Injured parties may want to seek damages from the at-fault driver and the company for which he or she works to help cover medical expenses and lost wages among other damages.

Source: NBC Chicago, “5 Killed, Four Injured in Dual I-55 Crashes” Natalie Martinez, Jul. 22, 2014

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Two I-55 truck accidents in Illinois kill 5, injure 4