Woman sues podiatrist for medical malpractice

To many Chicago residents, a minimally invasive foot surgery may not seem so bad. However, when a patient undergoes the surgery and the foot ends up misaligned and unable to heal properly, it can be a frustrating experience. This is especially true if the doctor did not disclose any risks ahead of time. A woman from Arkansas is suing her podiatrist for failing to inform her of the risks of the surgery and treating the problems she faced following the surgery.

The woman felt burning sensations between the toes of her right foot beginning in 2007. She saw a podiatrist, who recommended surgery in July 2011. There were multiple procedures performed, all which the woman claims were unnecessary. In fact, they allegedly made her foot worse, even though the doctor claims they were all minimally invasive and would result in quick healing.

After the surgeries, the bones failed to heal properly. The podiatrists refused to fix the bones and instead, the woman had to have other surgeons fix the podiatrists’ mistakes.

The woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in Texarkana, Texas, on Sept. 20. The woman makes multiple claims in her lawsuit. She says the podiatrist performed surgery without trying nonsurgical alternatives. He failed to disclose the risks of surgery and was negligent in meeting medical standards of care. He also failed to diagnose abnormal bone healing. She is seeking compensation for medical expenses, disfigurement and pain and suffering, along with exemplary damages and interest. It is unknown the amount of compensation she is requesting.

Many doctors rush into surgery and other expensive treatments because it means more money in the end. However, when these treatments lead to medical malpractice, then the doctor often ends up on the losing end. Although medical malpractice suits can be difficult to prove, they often result in large judgments for the victims.

The Southeast Texas Record, “Texarkana podiatrist sued for medical malpractice” Michelle Keahey, Sep. 23, 2013

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Woman sues podiatrist for medical malpractice