Wrongful death lawsuit over trooper’s death in truck accident

A trucking company and its driver are being sued by the surviving widow of a state trooper struck and killed by the company’s semi-truck. We previously discussed this tragic accident in a post which can be found here. Since the accident, the family has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit after the crash on Interstate 55 in Illinois where the trooper was making a traffic stop of a motorist. A driver working for DOT Foods hit the trooper with his tractor trailer.

Emergency medical responders who rushed to the scene were unable to save the officer’s life. The lawsuit asserts that the trucker was medically unfit to drive, and that his employer knew this but still kept him on the road, creating a serious danger to the public. The officer was married, with two small children who are now left without a father.

The trucker suffered from a condition that could have caused him to lose consciousness and therefore lose control of his vehicle before plowing into the officer. The trooper was on the shoulder of the highway at the time of the crash, where he should have been safe from oncoming traffic.

The trucking firm is reported to be the largest food redistributor in the U.S., with annual revenues in excess of $3 billion. The lawsuit contends that the company should not have hired the driver to begin with, but did so in the interest of making money. The family claims that the company ignores health considerations because taking steps to ensure that its drivers are medically fit would cost money and cut into the company’s profits. The lawsuit seeks to hold both the employer and the truck driver himself liable for the officer’s devastating death.

Source: bnd.com, “Trooper’s family files wrongful death suit,” Beth Hundsdorfer, Jan.9, 2013

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Wrongful death lawsuit over trooper’s death in truck accident