Nothing but Scary Words: ‘Willful Evasion,’ Says Debt Collector

She didn’t even owe any money. She wasn’t in debt. But tell that to the debt collector with Gregory Adams & Associates in Florida, a company that the Better Business Bureau says gets a “pattern of complaints” from consumers. These complaints seem to involve exactly what Henry Erb’s report for Target 8 describes: People get calls from debt collectors asking for money, yet these same people don’t owe any money.

That’s what happened to Diane Muir. A collector left this message on her phone: “If I don’t hear back from yourself or some type of representing counsel, I will have no choice but to file this out as a willful evasion and proceed in favor of my client.”

“Willful evasion.” This guy almost sounds like a judge.

And that’s exactly the problem. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collectors cannot impersonate lawyers if they aren’t lawyers, nor can they threaten legal action unless they’re actually going (and have the power) to take legal action.

The collector’s message in Muir’s case straddles the line pretty closely. How clever.

For its part, when consumers complain that Gregory Adams & Associates has targeted someone who doesn’t owe a debt, according to the BBB, it will say it’s sorry and delete the consumer’s phone number from their system.

But this tells us – and this is mere speculation – that the collectors with this company work to extract money out of innocent people, knowing that some people will actually pay money they don’t owe just to stop the harassment. It’s only when people complain that they’ll say their sorry.

If this happens to you, don’t let scary words like “willful evasion” force you into paying a debt you don’t owe. Contact a debt collection abuse lawyer who can inform you of your legal rights.

Source: Fla. debt collector stops calling woman

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Nothing but Scary Words: ‘Willful Evasion,’ Says Debt Collector