Business Law

Every day in the greater Chicago area, people operate businesses. These may be as small as a home-based “store” selling handcrafts or as large as a factory that employs hundreds of workers. Unfortunately, statistics show that most new businesses will fail within the first year. Why are so many businesses failing when the owners have great ideas and wonderful products to sell? One reason may be that the owners do not take the start-up of their business seriously and seek the advice of legal experts in business & commercial law. In today’s economy, even people who have been in business for years cannot afford to make any mistakes that can cost the company money, and need the advice and counsel of professional business lawyers.

As a business owner, you need sound protocols and practices for your bookkeeping, your standards of operation, your employee handbook, and organizing your tax records. Problems can crop up quickly if you do not have effective procedures for handling your most basic tasks. As your business grows, you need a protocol that is flexible enough to handle your changing needs. Even if you have run your business for years, you can still benefit from practices that reflect sound legal advice. For these reasons, Chicago business & commercial law attorneys are a good choice to help you implement good business practices.

You will always have questions that crop up in the operation of your business that should be addressed by a legal expert. Perhaps an employee is giving you problems, but you are not sure how to discipline him or her within the parameters of your employee policy. You may have tax questions that require legal knowledge. You may find that you are being sued over a contract with another business owner. All of these situations are best referred to an attorney who understands the law regarding businesses and can give you good advice on the best way to handle your problem.

Chicago business law & commercial law attorneys are a great resource when starting, expanding, or operating a business. Their knowledge of the Chicago area and its business culture allows you to rely not only on their legal knowledge but also on their personal experience of businesses in our city. Whether you have tax questions, want to expand and offer stock to shareholders, incorporate your business, write an employee handbook, or consider a new contract with a supplier, Chicago business attorneys are the people to give you the advice you need to make wise decisions about your company. These lawyers will provide you with the help you need to keep your business running smoothly and ensure that you are following all the codes and laws that govern your company.

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