3 men, 1 juvenile accused of committing recent Waukegan robberies

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Waukegan residents may have tried to avoid having to use automated teller machines over the past week after two people reported last week that they were robbed at gunpoint when using ATM machines in the area.

According to police, several people suspected of being involved in committing the robberies have been arrested. Police said they arrested three men and one juvenile on Saturday after a traffic stop. Although police believe the individuals are responsible for the ATM robberies, Waukegan residents should still be careful since no one has been convicted of committing the recent robberies yet.

Over the weekend, an officer pulled over a vehicle after the driver made a traffic violation. While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed several suspicious items in the driver’s vehicle. The officer said that he saw masks, a handgun and a purse. The officer knew that one robbery victim had her purse taken. After noticing the items, the officer arrested the driver and three of his passengers.

Police said that they have been working with the community since the first armed robberies were reported in order to gather more information about the incidents. After reviewing information from witnesses and concerned citizens, police said that they believed the driver of the vehicle was a suspect in the robbery crimes. According to police, the driver and all three passengers admitted their involvement in the recent robberies.

In Illinois, robbery charges are generally considered to be felony crimes. Felonies often carry harsh consequences and prison sentences, especially when someone is convicted of armed robbery. Individuals who are facing armed robbery charges may want to consider working with an attorney who will know how to protect their rights and strategically defend their cases in court.

Source: CBS Chicago, “4 arrested for Waukegan ATM robberies,” Jan. 1, 2013

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3 men, 1 juvenile accused of committing recent Waukegan robberies