Business convicted of felony for lack of workers comp insurance

On behalf of Philip Nathe

There are many things that an employer expects from its employees. Likewise, there are many things that employees expect from their employer. One of those things is a safe workplace. Understanding that workplace injuries can occur even when precautions are taken to make a location safe, most employers in the state of Illinois are required, by law, to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. The failure to do this could result in criminal repercussions for a business.

The insurance is designed to provide injured workers whose claims are accepted with benefits to help cover medical treatment and other expenses that could accrue following an injury suffered in the course of doing one’s job. These benefits are not automatically provided. Instead, those seeking the benefits must file a claim.

Authorities in the state of Illinois take worker safety seriously. Accordingly, when an employer fails to have workers’ compensation insurance, it is possible that criminal legal action will be taken against the business. Recently, the owner of an Illinois business was convicted of a felony for failing to comply with the state law. He pled guilty to the charge last month. As a result of the conviction he faces a $25,000 fine. He will be sentenced this fall.

This is the first instance in the state of Illinois of an employer being convicted of a felony tied to the lack of workers’ compensation insurance. Because it will likely not be the last, employers should be on alert. If an employer does find that it is facing such criminal charges, it is likely in its best interest to work with a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: Business Insurance, “Ill. employer lacking workers comp cover convicted of felony,” Roberto Ceniceros, Aug. 2, 2013

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Business convicted of felony for lack of workers comp insurance