Chicago area man arrested for salon robberies

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When most hear about robbery crime sprees it is in the context of banks, not hair salons. A man was recently arrested for doing just that in the Chicago area. So far he has been charged with felony armed robbery, accused of robbing 11 such establishments, many of them chains, throughout the Chicago area.

Once in custody the man apparently indicated that he had selected the particular type of establishments because he believed the prevalence of women and lack of men, traditionally found in hair salons, would make the job easier. He also said the robberies, which were accomplished in part through the use of a BB gun, were done to help pay for his need for crack cocaine.

In most situations when someone has been arrested for a crime it is a good idea to refrain from making statements such as these about the crimes allegedly committed. This is because such statements can be used against the accused in a court of law. It is unclear what made the man in this case decide to talk with authorities but that decision appears to have a clear impact on why the 41-year-old man is being held without bond in Cook County.

The man could face additional charges. Charges appear to be forthcoming for alleged robberies in DuPage County as well.

Because a criminal conviction can have lasting effects it is important for anyone who has been accused of a crime to mount an aggressive defense as soon as possible. Most find this is best accomplished by working with a criminal defense attorney.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Evanston man held without bond in salon robberies,” Jonathan Bullington and Brian L. Cox, Feb. 7, 2013

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Chicago area man arrested for salon robberies