Chicago Ban on Gun Sales Struck Down

Aditi Mukherji, JD

A Chicago ordinance that bans gun sales within the city is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled. The decision spells a big win for gun lobbyists in their protracted battle for more firearm rights in Chi-town, home to some of the toughest gun-control laws in the nation. This latest ruling is far from the first blow to Chicago’s gun laws but may spur city officials to rethink their gun control strategy.

Here’s a rundown of three key gun control changes in Chicago that reveal the Windy City’s weakening gun control landscape:

Impact of Latest Ruling on Chicagoans

The latest ruling struck down Municipal Code § 8-20-100 and the City’s zoning ordinance, MCC § 17-16-0201, which bar gun sales and transfers other than inheritance.

Overturning the ban on retail gun stores and private gun sales was the last major obstacle gun rights groups faced in their long-term struggle to dismantle Chicago’s tough gun laws.

Although the judge issued a stay on his decision, the judgment opens the door for licensed gun dealers to operate in the city. It would also make it legal for individuals to transfer ownership of a firearm as a gift or through a private sale as long as the recipient was at least 18 and had a firearm owner’s identification card.

Rife with legal challenges, the city’s current plan may soon change dramatically. City officials will likely turn their focus to heavy regulations that fall short of wholesale bans.

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Chicago Ban on Gun Sales Struck Down