Chicago Cop Allegedly Hit Bicyclist, Tried to Cover Up Fault

Michael Bergeson, a Chicago Police officer, is accused of crashing his truck into a bicyclist while off duty and then fleeing the scene, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Later, Bergeson allegedly filed a phony police report blaming his victim for the crash, authorities said. He’s now facing serious criminal charges, including leaving the scene of an accident. On top of the criminal charges, a personal injury suit may be on the horizon.

The victim was riding her bike with her boyfriend at around 3:25 a.m. on August 3 when Bergeson reportedly struck her with his Ford F150. She flew over the hood of Bergeson’s truck and landed in the street, bleeding from a head wound, according to authorities.

The victim drifted in and out of consciousness. Bergeson reportedly got out of his truck and called 911, saying “female down, reason unknown, appears to be conscious,” prosecutors said. He called again a couple minutes later, saying, “Possible AA female injured,” according to authorities.

When the ambulance approached, Bergeson drove off in his truck, hitting two parked cars and knocking his license plate off in the process. The license plate later helped authorities track Bergeson down.

In the days following the accident, Bergeson allegedly filed a police report stating that his victim had disregarded a stop sign and ran into his truck. Forensic records, however, told a different story.

Bergeson was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries and disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. He may also face a civil suit.

Bergeson’s victim suffered multiple facial injuries, fractured bones in her foot, and abrasions to her body. If the alleged facts are accurate, she has a viable negligence cause of action against Bergeson.

The victim will have to show that Bergeson had a duty to drive safely and obey the rules of the road, and that he breached that duty and caused her injuries. If successful the victim could receive damages for her medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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