Cops – Teen Girl Set Up Fatal Shooting with Text Message

Britany Watson went from victim to suspect in just a few days time. Watson was in the car with 38-year-old Sherman Horton when Horton was gunned down by two men.

While 17-year-old Watson was originally believed to be a victim of the botched robbery, she later allegedly admitted to orchestrating the whole ordeal, the Chicago Tribune reports. She’s been charged as an adult with first-degree murder.

Horton and Watson were sitting in a car when Watson allegedly texted someone, “Wassup you want to do this lick, I got a lick for you,” describing the hold-up. The person reportedly texted back “down” and said he was with his “homie,” according to authorities.

He then asked for Watson and Horton’s location, which Watson allegedly texted him along with a description of Horton’s car. A few moments later, two people approached the car, one armed with a gun and the other with a brick, police said. They tapped on the window, causing Horton to panic and speed off.

Horton was shot in the chest by one of the men and crashed into several parked cars, according to authorities. Horton died from his injuries and Watson was treated for injuries sustained in the crash.

Authorities initially thought Watson’s injuries were caused by the robbers, and labeled her a victim of the crime. However, she eventually came clean, allegedly telling authorities, “I set this all up,” according to investigators.

Watson is now facing a first-degree murder charge. Under Illinois’ criminal code, a person who kills another is guilty of first-degree murder in a number of situations: if she intended to kill the individual or inflict great bodily harm, if she knew that her acts created a strong probability of death or great bodily harm, or if the death occurred while the person was committing a dangerous felony.

It’s not clear whether Watson intended for her conspirators to shoot Horton. However, she could still be convicted under the felony murder rule, since Horton was killed while Watson and her associates were allegedly committing armed robbery.

If convicted, Watson could face life in prison.

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