Detectives in neighboring community face drug charges

Albert L. Wysocki, A Professional Corporation

A recent story shows that even law enforcement officers are not immune to criminal charges. Three detectives in nearby Schaumberg are accused of drug crimes. They have been charged with manufacturing and delivering illegal drugs, criminal drug conspiracy, official misconduct, armed violence and theft.

The officers, who work in the narcotics division, were arrested after 10 ounces of cocaine was allegedly found in a storage locker by a neighboring police department. An individual claiming to be an informant for the Schaumberg Police Department said the three officers were allegedly selling the drugs they seized from dealers.

First reports indicate that the officers were arrested and held on $750,000 bond.

In a situation like this, prosecutors will need much more evidence than mere allegations from an alleged informant in order to secure a conviction. While it is easy for the general public to assume these officer’s guilt, Lake County residents should be reminded that all people accused of a crime are innocent unless they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Drug charges are serious and can lead to harsh penalties. People convicted of drug crimes could spend a significant amount of time behind bars. A conviction could have an impact on a person’s entire life. In the case of these officers, a conviction could effectively end their law enforcement career.

It is often best to rely on an experienced attorney whenever someone is facing serious criminal charges. Whether people plead guilty to lesser charges or proceed forward with a criminal trial, an attorney can help the accused work towards the most optimal outcome.

Source:, “Three Chicago-area narcotics detectives arrested on drug charges,” Scott Paulson, Jan. 19, 2013

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Detectives in neighboring community face drug charges