Drug charges filed against siblings accused of selling heroin

On behalf of Philip Nathe

When someone is charged with a drug crime, the severity of the possible outcome tied to the crime depends on a variety of things including the drug allegedly involved and the what the person is accused of doing with it. Undoubtedly one of the most serious drugs someone could be arrested in connection with is heroin.

Earlier this month two brothers were arrested in conjunction with that drug. They were both arrested after undercover police officers purchased the drug from them at total of three times in one month. After their arrests they were each charged with three felony counts of delivery of 1 to 15 grams of heroin. The specific amount sold on each occasion was between 4 grams and 1.2 grams.

If convicted, the brothers, ages 26 and 23, could spend between four and 15 years in prison. This is not the brothers’ first run-in with the law. Both have criminal records consisting of a variety of charges including drug crimes. One of them has experienced prison before on a felony marijuana possession conviction. He received a three year sentence for that crime.

In general, prison time is not a foregone conclusion in drug cases. Depending on a variety of factors it is possible that those charged with such crimes could face other penalties. These options include drug court, Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC probation) and first offender probation. To secure any of these alternatives to prison it is in the best interest of most people to work with a criminal defense lawyer to work out a deal.

Source: Daily Herald, “Brothers charged with selling heroin in Elgin, South Elgin,” Harry Hitzeman, Nov. 6, 2013

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Drug charges filed against siblings accused of selling heroin