Illinois teacher charged with having sex with a minor in 2009

As we have previously mentioned on our Lake County criminal defense law blog, a sex crime conviction can have far-reaching consequences in Illinois.

Time in prison is certainly a likely consequence. But even after convicted offenders serve time behind bars, they could be required to register as sex offenders, they could have trouble finding housing and they could be forced to find jobs in different professions if they lose their professional licenses or other certifications as a result of a sex crime conviction.

Recently, a middle school teacher in Illinois was arrested and charged with five counts of criminal sexual abuse and five counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The charges were filed against the female teacher and basketball coach after a former basketball player came forward claiming that she had an inappropriate relationship with the woman several years ago. The woman now faces numerous legal consequences, but she could also lose her license to teach in Illinois if she is convicted of the charges.

The teacher is 27 years old. According to reports, the woman had coached a girls’ high school basketball team in Belvidere, Illinois, during the 2008-09 season. During the basketball season, the woman allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old player on the team. The woman was not accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor until August of this year. She has since been placed on administrative leave while her case remains pending.

According to a spokesman for the Illinois Board of Education, teachers can have their certifications revoked if they are convicted of any type of sex crime. Many teachers are also at risk of having their certifications revoked if they are convicted of other crimes, including felony crimes, the spokesman stated.

Source: Rockford Register Star, “Teacher hiring process, already stringent, unlikely to change,” Jeff Kolkey, Sept. 28, 2012

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Illinois teacher charged with having sex with a minor in 2009