Is a Sex Offender Living Near You?

Andrew Lu

Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a wonderful school district. You think you’ve found the home of your dreams. But what if there is a registered sex offender living next door? You’ll need to know the steps for how to find a sex offender in your neighborhood.

In Illinois, state police maintain a statewide Sex Offender Database that identifies persons who have been convicted of certain sex offenses or crimes against children.

In general, individuals who are required to register are those who have been convicted of certain crimes like child sexual abuse or attempted abuse. The database also includes those who were found not guilty of the crime due to insanity.

Here are the steps to find a registered sex offender near you, or the area you are interested in:

  1. Visit the Sex Offender Database online.
  2. Enter the street and zip code of the location desired.
  3. Review the results. You will see your location marked by a star as well as nearby schools, parks, and a list of sex offenders located within a certain radius.

You should be aware that in most densely populated urban areas, you will likely find a registered sex offender living near you. So finding a registered sex offender, or even 50, may not necessarily be indicative of the safety of your neighborhood.

On the other hand, you should be aware that the results of your search may not necessarily be comprehensive. There are some offenders who are “missing” from the list. This means that the state has no idea where they live. So just because your area may be clear of sex offenders, in reality, there may be a sex offender next door.

Along with checking the sex offender database, you should also educate your children on what to do in potentially dangerous situations, and supervise your children when possible.

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