Lake County man wrongly convicted of rape sues police

No one likes to be blamed for doing something wrong when they were never involved in the incident. Being accused of committing a crime that an individual did not commit may be angering and frustrating, but serving 20 years in prison for someone else’s crime is devastating.

Unfortunately, one Lake County man knows first-hand how a wrong conviction can damage one’s life. In fact, he was wrongly convicted three times of a violent crime. Now he is seeking justice for the pain and devastation he has endured over the past 20 years. According to reports, the man is filing a lawsuit against police for violating his civil rights.

Police certainly protect citizens from harm, but police also are responsible for protecting the rights of criminal suspects. This means that police cannot abuse or violate one’s civil rights during an arrest or when conducting a criminal investigation or interrogation.

When police overstep their boundaries, victims of civil rights violations may be able to hold law enforcement officers accountable for their illegal actions. Some victims may even be entitled to obtain compensation for damages resulting from a civil rights violation.

The Lake County man who is now pursuing a civil rights violation lawsuit against local police claims that he was forced to give a false confession when investigators interrogated the man for four days without allowing the man to get adequate sleep or to speak with family or counsel. The man was then convicted of raping and killing a young girl.

Earlier this year, the man was released from prison after DNA evidence proved that the man did not commit the 1992 crime. The man is 40 years old and has spent the past 20 years in prison.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Wrongfully convicted of rape, Lake County man sues,” Oct. 30, 2012

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Lake County man wrongly convicted of rape sues police