Legal U: Five Alternatives to Unchaperoned Trick-or-Treating

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re stressing the dangerous aspects of Halloween. It’s a holiday rife with danger. Sex offender curfew laws may do little to protect kids, drunk drivers run rampant, and in general, parents have a lot to worry about. This might sound a bit alarmist, but hey, this is how lawyers think. And maybe you should too, just for a bit.

In any case, the days of unchaperoned trick-or-treating should be behind us. Consider these options instead:

1. Tail ‘em!

We get it. Your thirteen-year-old kid does not want you following him or her around while they trick-or-treat or get into other mischief. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Perhaps you and the other parents could follow at a reasonable distance. Let the kids be kids, as long as you are only forty feet away.

2. Party!

Trick-or-treating is for little kids. Perhaps a neighborhood party for the tweens might be a superior alternative? More Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, less strangers with candy.

3. Nagging via Text

If all else fails, or if you don’t want to be too much of an embarrassment, perhaps you can come to an understanding with your responsible child. The two of you will exchange text messages every thirty minutes until they have returned home or have arrived at a trusted friend’s house. Sure, it’s a little paranoid, but would you let your children run around unsupervised on a non-holiday night? Why should things be different when there are drunk drivers, costumed strangers, and infinite sugar highs?

4. Scary Movie Night

Michael Myers. Oh yeahhh. First, he chased down Jamie Lee Curtis. Then he chased her again. Later, Busta Rhymes would confront Michael Myers face-to-face before uttering the classic line, “Trick or treat, mothaf———.” Oddly enough, the Halloween series was rebooted after that. They must have realized that it was only downhill from there.

The point is, Halloween is all about a night of fright. Why not get the trick-or-treating done early and then head home for a marathon of frightful flicks?

5. Halstead Parade and Costume Contest

For the younger kids, how about marching in a parade? The North Halstead Halloween Parade will take place on Halloween at 7pm. The parade route starts at 3641 N. Halstead and continues south to Belmont. At 8pm, there will be a stage show on the CTA Turnaround at Halstead and Belmont.

Those interested in marching in the parade should arrive at 3641 N. Halstead before 6pm. For more information on the parade and costume contest, check out North Halstead’s website.

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Legal U: Five Alternatives to Unchaperoned Trick-or-Treating