Lewis University Student Accused of Concealing Role in Overdose Death

A Lewis University student has been accused of concealing her role in the death of her friend of an apparent heroin overdose.

According to authorities, 20-year-old Anna Marinier died of a drug overdose in the Franklin Hall dormitory at the university’s Romeoville campus. Police say that Marinier’s friend, Jamie Olson, destroyed evidence and attempted to hide her involvement in the overdose, the Chicago Tribune reports.

While toxicology reports are pending, investigators believe that Anna overdosed on heroin. Authorities said that Olson was “completely uncooperative” during the investigation, but haven’t released specifics about Olson’s alleged acts.

Marinier’s father, Mike Marinier, said it took authorities more than six hours to notify him about his daughter’s death. He says the two girls met in high school at Lincoln Way-East, but Olson was a bad influence on his daughter.

“[Anna] went from being a bit of a spitfire to just disrespectful,” Mike Marinier told the Tribune. “I tried all I could to keep [Olson] away from Anna.”

According to her father, Anna had been in drug counseling for more than a year and was taking monthly shots of Vivitrol, a drug that suppresses heroin cravings. However, Anna was several days overdue for her Vivitrol injection when she reportedly overdosed.

Mike Marinier said that he’d fought with Anna just days before her death. “I was just so mad at her, the last words we had were not pretty,” he said, according to the Tribune.

Olson was arrested on November 18. She’s been charged with three counts of obstruction of justice. Any person who destroys, alters, or conceals evidence, or gives authorities false information in order to hinder an investigation is guilty of obstruction. It’s a class 4 felony and punishable by anywhere from one to three years in prison.

Olson pleaded guilty to identity theft earlier in the year and spent a little over a month in jail. She’s had several arrests in the past on drug-related charges, according to the Tribune.

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