Loyola University student accused of raping two women on campus

Albert L. Wysocki, A Professional Corporation

Two women recently reported that they were attacked by a man while on campus at Chicago’s Loyola University. Their stories are very similar and should prompt other students to be extra cautious.

Both women claim that a fellow student had knocked on their dorm room doors asking if he could stay in their rooms because he was locked out of his own room. Both women also claim that after allowing the student to stay in their rooms, the student raped them.

After investigating the women’s claims, a freshman student was arrested and charged with criminal sexual assault.

The student faces serious charges, and last week he was being held in lieu of $300,000 bail. Reports have not stated whether the victims knew who the alleged attacker was or whether they both gave similar descriptions of the alleged attacker that happened to fit the student’s description. The student’s attorney claims that there is not sufficient DNA evidence available that will link his client to the two different assaults.

Rape allegations are very serious, but when cases lack the proper evidence to support the allegations, defendants may be able to avoid the severe consequences that often follow a conviction. When defending rape charges in Waukegan, it is very important that defendants work with an attorney who understands the technology and strategies prosecutors will rely on when proceeding with sex offense cases in court.

A sex crime conviction can have a negative impact on so many facets of one’s life. However, folks who are facing rape charges and other sex offense charges must also consider all of their options when proceeding with their cases in court.

In some situations, allowing a case to go to trial may be beneficial. In other situations, folks may reach a better outcome by accepting a plea deal. Deciding how to proceed with one’s criminal case in court may be a difficult process, but folks may feel more confident in their choices when they work with a strategic and aggressive attorney who will explain their rights and the pros and cons of different criminal defense strategies.

Source: The Associated Press, “Loyola University student accused of sex assault,” Jan. 29, 2013

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Loyola University student accused of raping two women on campus