Mentally Ill Suburban Chicago Man Held in Church-Bombing Plot

There are a lot of reasons to feel sorry for terror suspect and recent arrestee Gregory Arthur Weiler II, 23. The Elk Grove Village native was caught in Oklahoma in the midst of an alleged plot to bomb 49 churches as part of a larger plan to eradicate all churches from the United States.

Police say they found 49 Moltov Cocktails in Weiler’s motel room, as well as hand-drawn maps and manifestos. They were tipped off by a handyman who found suspicious materials in the trash and “accidentally” entered Weiler’s hotel room.

According to ABC 7 News, Weiler’s Facebook page detailed a history of abuse at the hands of a Catholic-school bully. He also stated:

“The United States was founded officially in 1776 on the premise that we were to leave behind the very group of people whom oppressed us so greatly — the Imperial Catholic Church.”

Sounds a little off, right? It gets worse. According to the Associated Press, Weiler has a long history of mental illness. After his parents both committed suicide when he was a child, he was reared by relatives. He also has a history of drug abuse. According to his relatives, his mental illness was under control as long as he was on his medication.

Ironically enough, his last known residence was at a homeless shelter run by a church in Kansas City, Mo. He participated in the church’s food pantry and ministries, though he was “clearly troubled” and “detached.” He left the church for a roofing job in Houston and was not heard from again until he was caught on the verge of allegedly executing a series of church bombings.

So far, Gregory Arthur Weiler II has only been charged under Oklahoma’s anti-terrorism statutes. He may also face charges under the federal equivalents.

Under one federal statute, someone who plots to use a “weapon of mass destruction,” which includes bombs, faces up to a life sentence. The death penalty is only an option if someone dies in the process. Weiler could also face up to 20 years if convicted of possessing or transporting explosive devices across state lines.

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Mentally Ill Suburban Chicago Man Held in Church-Bombing Plot