Naperville Police Tackle Rising Heroin Epidemic

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The increase of heroin abuse in the Naperville area has become a serious concern to local police. Detectives have worked to reduce the number of those addicted to heroin, but overdoses have resulted in several recent deaths. One of the most troubling things about the deaths is that the age of the victims was between 17 and 30.

A recent study conducted by Roosevelt University’s Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy found that middle and upper class teenagers and young adults are emerging as a key group that uses the drug. This study also noted that the Chicago metro has one of the worst problems with Heroin addiction nationwide.

Ease of Access

In nearby Will County, last year 30 people died from heroin abuse. The county expects the number to increase again this year. One reason for the jump in use is the ease of access to the drug. In the past, users had to go to the West Side of Chicago to buy the drug, but now dealers are venturing into areas such as Naperville to distribute and sell.

Perhaps one of the most notable characteristics of heroin is how quickly one becomes addicted. Since the drug is so highly addictive, it can be incredibly difficult to stop using. Withdrawal symptoms can even make an addict physically ill.

However, the state of Illinois in an effort to crackdown on heroin use and distribution imposes harsh penalties for heroin possession. Depending on the weight of the heroin possessed, the penalties following a conviction can include hefty fines, court fees and prison. Possession of heroin is a felony charge.

For those who may find themselves with a serious addiction and as a result a criminal charge, a heroin defense attorney should be consulted. Possible defenses might exist and treatment may be available as part of a sentence.

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Naperville Police Tackle Rising Heroin Epidemic