Navy addresses dangers of bath salts with new PSA

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Illegal drug use may not only be dangerous to one’s physical and mental health, it could also result in serious legal problems. When under the influence of drugs, Waukegan residents could be at risk of making serious mistakes that they would never make while sober. These mistakes could result in criminal charges that could be far more serious than drug possession.

For example, the use of bath salts has been linked to some very odd and frightening behaviors and situations throughout the U.S. The designer drug has gained much attention over the past few years due to the severe and fatal health problems the drugs can cause users to suffer. Despite the dangers and risks that have been associated with the drugs, though, many people still choose to use the substances.

In an effort to prevent more sailors from using bath salts, the United States Navy has released a new public service announcement to increase awareness of the dangers and consequences of using bath salts.

The video depicts a sailor who throws up after taking bath salts and suffers from hallucinations. It also shows crimes being committed by the sailor, and an intense scene of hospital treatment.

Since the dangers of bath salts have been widely exposed, the Drug Enforcement Administration has done its part to categorize some of the bath salt chemicals as controlled substances. In addition, the federal government has placed a ban on bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

Early last year, the Navy established a screening test that identifies synthetic compounds like bath salts. Within three months of using the test on sailors, the Navy identified more than 30 members who had tested positive for bath salts. Since bath salts became popular, the Navy has said that it has been trying to prevent sailors from using the dangerous substances.

Source: Time, “U.S. Navy PSA Shows Demonic Dangers of Bath Salts,” Melissa Locker, Jan. 4, 2013

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Navy addresses dangers of bath salts with new PSA