New Illinois law could reduce number of traffic tickets issued

On behalf of Philip Nathe

It is likely that multiple individuals reading this blog post have received a ticket for violating a traffic law. It is possible that the ticket may have been the result of a quota placed on the number of citations that law enforcement officers were required to issue. A new law could result in a reduction of the number of those tickets that are issued. It was signed earlier this month by Governor Pat Quinn and took effect immediately.

The law eliminates any quotas that may have been in place previously. The change affects law enforcement at multiple levels–state, county and local. One reason cited for the change is that it the use of arbitrary quotas can make citizens fail to trust that the police department has set priorities supported by the community.

Police officers will also probably feel an impact as a result of the new law. They will no longer be told how many tickets they need to issue within a period of time. In addition, the number of tickets they do issue will not be compared to the numbers reported by other law enforcement officers.

Though the consequences associated with a traffic ticket are less serious than many other offenses, traffic citations should nonetheless be taken seriously. While one ticket here or there may not have serious repercussions, multiple tickets could become expensive to address and in some cases, even lead to the loss of a driver’s license. Accordingly, it may be beneficial to work with a lawyer who handles such matters.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “New laws ban police use of ticket quotas,” Mitch Smith, June 16, 2014

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New Illinois law could reduce number of traffic tickets issued