NFL player who didn’t seem intoxicated charged with drunk driving

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There is a lot at stake when Waukegan residents are accused of driving drunk. Depending on the circumstances of a DUI arrest in Illinois, folks could face jail time and they could even have their driver’s licenses suspended or revoked. Some individuals who are convicted of driving drunk may even need to participate in substance-abuse programs or face other social and legal consequences.

The consequences of a DUI arrest and conviction are harsh. But in order for police to arrest an individual for DUI, police must have reasonable suspicion that the individual is intoxicated. If police issue a breath test or arrest an individual without probable cause, the individual may have his or her case dropped.

Earlier this week, NFL player Jay Ratliff was arrested for allegedly driving drunk. Prior to his arrest, the defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys had been involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor-trailer. An officer who was called to the crash site noted that at first Ratliff did not appear to be intoxicated.

However, Ratliff’s crash occurred shortly after midnight so the officer who responded to the crash decided to do a more thorough job of checking for signs of intoxication. The officer said that late-night and early-morning crashes usually involve drunk drivers, so that gave him reason to observe the NFL player. The officer also said that people who are physically fit may be able to better hide signs of intoxication compared to other drunk drivers.

After observing the NFL player after the accident, the officer said that he had reason to believe that the player was indeed intoxicated. According to reports, Ratliff refused to take a breath test. A blood test was taken after the professional football player was arrested for allegedly driving drunk. The results of the blood test have not yet been revealed.

Source: Fox News, “Police: Cowboys DT Jay Ratliff arrested for DWI didn’t seem drunk at first,” Jan. 23, 2013

NFL player who didn’t seem intoxicated charged with drunk driving