Pedo Arrested in McDonald’s Play Area; New ’13 Sex Offender Laws

William Peacock, Esq.

Kudos to the attentive McDonald’s manager. Thirty-six-year-old Joseph O’Brien was arrested for the twenty-fourth time shortly before Christmas after the manager called to report a loitering adult in the children’s PlayPlace. According to CBS Chicago, other patrons reported that O’Brien had been staring at an 11-year-old girl before being asked to leave. He had also been asked to leave on multiple occasions by management.

After a brief investigation, officers learned of O’Brien’s extensive criminal record and sex offender registration as a “predator.” They also learned that he was staying at a motel near the McDonald’s – not at the address he had on file. For the “clerical” slip-up, he’ll face a Class 3 felony charge for failing to update his registration. He has also been charged with criminal trespassing.

On a related note, multiple new laws related to sex offenders or offenses take effect in 2013, including a restriction on holiday celebrations.

The new laws mean that for at least one group, repeat sex offenders, 2013 is almost certainly going to be worse than 2012. Happy New Year indeed.

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Pedo Arrested in McDonald’s Play Area; New ’13 Sex Offender Laws