Police arrest, charge Waukegan woman with drug crimes

Those who have faced criminal charges, whether founded or not, probably understand the importance of protecting one’s legal rights. The failure to take the steps to properly defend oneself when facing criminal charges can lead to serious consequences, including long periods of time behind bars.

After her recent arrest, an Illinois woman is likely doing what she can to mount an aggressive defense. The 38-year-old woman, who is a resident of Waukegan, was taken into custody last week and was charged with two drug charges-unlawful possession with intent to deliver and unlawful possession of a controlled substance after a warrant was served. The execution of the search warrant uncovered 26.9 grams of marijuana and 3.8 grams of crack cocaine.

This is reportedly not the first time that the woman who was arrested has dealt with law enforcement. She has several prior convictions for drug crimes on her record. While to attain the best possible outcome in a criminal case it is important for everyone to take legal action quickly, this is especially true when it is not one’s first criminal offense. The reasoning behind this is the availability of any diversionary programs that may exist is usually not a possibility for someone who has prior convictions.

Waukegan police appear to be cracking down on individuals suspected of being involved with illegal drug crimes. This arrest was the second one executed last week. Earlier in the week another warrant was served and another person arrested for drug possession in the city of Waukegan. Additional information on that arrest is not currently available.

Source: Lake Country News-Sun, “Waukegan woman accused of dealing cocaine, pot,” Sept. 7, 2012

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Police arrest, charge Waukegan woman with drug crimes