Police say Illinois lottery winner’s death was a homicide

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Last summer, a 46-year-old Illinois man had purchased a lottery ticket and won $1 million. But a few weeks after winning the lottery, the man suddenly died of natural causes.

Chicago police are now investigating the man’s death, though. According to reports, one of the man’s relatives reported suspicions about the circumstances of the man’s death to police. After the relative came forward with concerns that the lottery winner’s death might not have been the result of natural causes, a comprehensive toxicology screening was performed. The results revealed that the man had been poisoned with cyanide.

According to reports, police have not stated whether anyone has been deemed a suspect in the homicide case. Police have executed a search warrant on the man’s home that he shared with his wife, though

The man’s wife claims that she had nothing to do with her husband’s death after her husband won the lottery last June. She also claims that she does not know of anyone who would have been an enemy to her husband. The lottery winner’s wife has been questioned by police and she has been working with an attorney since her husband’s death was ruled a homicide. The woman’s attorney has stated that just because the woman has been questioned does not mean that she is a suspect.

Although toxicology screenings have confirmed the lottery winner died of a lethal dose of cyanide, authorities said that they will exhume his body so additional tests can be conducted in an effort to gather more evidence in the homicide case.

Illinois residents might assume that there is no reason to consult an attorney if they have not been officially charged of a crime. However, folks who have not been accused of committing a crime may still want to consider seeking counsel from an attorney when they are questioned by police in order to make sure their rights are not violated while authorities conduct criminal investigations.

Source: Associated Press, “Lottery winner’s death: Wife questioned for hours,” Jan. 9, 2013

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