Son of former Bears coach faces another DUI charge

His father is a football legend. But Mark Ditka, son of the famed coach, is facing a charge of aggravated DUI, law enforcement officials in Lake County said.

Ditka, 49 years old, was stopped by Deerfield police just before four o’clock Sunday morning. An officer said Ditka was driving erratically on Waukegan Road and had failed to maintain his lane properly.

He was pulled over about a block from his home in Deerfield, police said.

An officer learned that Ditka’s driver’s license is currently suspended. The officer also indicated that Ditka’s behavior while talking to police caused them to conduct a battery of field sobriety tests.

However, the son of the Bears’ lone Super Bowl-winning team refused to give a breath sample.

When officials searched his car, they reportedly found an unmarked container of capsules that later proved to be Hydrocodone, a painkilling medication requiring a prescription.

Ditka was charged with a pair of felonies: possession of a controlled substance and aggravated driving under the influence. He was also ticketed for operation of an uninsured vehicle, improper lane usage and driving on a suspended license.

Later that morning, he was transported to the Lake County Courthouse, where bail was set at $25,000; an amount he posted.

In May of this year, two DUI charges against Ditka were dismissed when key evidence was thrown out by the court.

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Source: Chicago Tribune, “Son of former Bears coach Mike Ditka faces new DUI charge,” Oct. 10, 2012

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Son of former Bears coach faces another DUI charge