Southwest Suburban Man Charged With Running Over Girlfriend

Bridgeview resident Taylor Ziyad has been charged with deliberately running over his girlfriend during an act of alleged domestic violence.

The 20-year-old man reportedly had a history of domestic abuse arrests prior to this most recent incident. After he alleged ran over his girlfriend, Ziyad reportedly told her, “Baby, you’re OK!” reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Authorities say that the couple was arguing and for some reason the unidentified girlfriend climbed onto the hood of Ziyad’s car. So Ziyad decided to drive off into traffic with his girlfriend clinging to the car.

The woman was eventually thrown off the hood of the car. But instead of stopping and checking up on the woman’s well-being, Ziyad allegedly ran her over with both the front and back tires of his car, writes the Sun-Times.

Ziyad tried to make his getaway on foot, but was arrested a short time later. He was charged with aggravated domestic battery and several driving offenses. Just eight days earlier, police say that another domestic battery charge was dropped against Ziyad when his accuser failed to show up in court.

The victim in this most recent case apparently blamed herself for getting run over, reports the Sun-Times. She survived the attack and was amazingly treated for only abrasions.

Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence decline to pursue charges against their attacker, and also decline to assist prosecutors in the investigation. This failure to cooperate may be due to the complexities of a domestic relationship, fear of future retribution, or some other reason. As a result, many alleged domestic abusers walk free.

However, prosecutors do not always need the cooperation of the victim to pursue charges against the alleged attacker. If there is enough evidence in the case, prosecutors may still be able to convict an abuser without the testimony of the victim.

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