‘Stringer Bell Bandit’ Accused of Robbing 11 Banks

The bank robber dubbed the “Stringer Bell Bandit” for his resemblance to the character from HBO’s “The Wire” has been arrested, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

According to authorities, Kenneth Anderson robbed at least 11 banks in the Chicago area since October. He’s now facing federal bank robbery charges.

On HBO’s critically acclaimed series, “The Wire”, Stringer Bell was an intelligent, calculating drug kingpin who always kept his cool. While Anderson may bear a passing resemblance to the character, he lacked Stringer’s calm, collected demeanor when confronted by the police.

When investigators showed Anderson a map of the bank locations recently hit, he reportedly spilled the beans, saying, “Yeah, these are all me.” He then gave police detailed descriptions of what he wore and the routes he followed during the robberies, according to authorities.

Anderson is accused of robbing a number of downtown banks since he was released from federal prison earlier in the year. One of the most recent incidents took place last Monday when Anderson allegedly robbed a Citibank branch at 111 W. Jackson Blvd.

He reportedly passed a note to the teller demanding cash then ran northbound on Clark Street, according to authorities. No weapon was displayed during the incident.

The strangest part is that while many of these robberies were taking place, Anderson was awaiting trial on felony bank robbery charges for a robbery that took place on Nov. 2 at the Fifth Third Bank on 1 S. Dearborn St. He was caught on Friday when he returned to that same bank. Employees reportedly recognized Anderson and called the police.

Any person who steals over $1,000 worth of property from a bank or credit union can get up to 10 years in prison for federal bank robbery. If they do so through the use of force or intimidation, as Anderson is accused of doing, it’s punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Related Resources: