Three Lake County residents charged with felony drug crimes

Last week, police arrested three individuals from Lake County after allegedly witnessing a drug deal in McHenry County. The local residents are between the ages of 22 and 39.

According to reports, felony drug charges have been filed against all three individuals. The Chicago Daily Herald reported that these serious charges could result in 15-year prison sentences.

Law enforcement authorities claim that they received a tip about a possible drug transaction that was to take place in McHenry County earlier this month. On Oct. 16, police investigated the tip by conducting a surveillance operation. This operation led to the arrest of three people.

Police said that during the surveillance operation, occupants from two different vehicles had met up near Chapel Hill Road and Route 120. The meeting was suspicious, especially when police noticed that an individual from one of the vehicles was carrying a bag. Police suspected that the bag contained drugs and busted the alleged drug deal.

According to reports, police confiscated more than $30,000 worth of marijuana during the drug bust. This means nearly 10 pounds of marijuana was confiscated during the investigation. Police reported that they also confiscated drug paraphernalia. The three Lake County residents were charged with felony drug crimes, including: unlawful calculated criminal cannabis conspiracy, unlawful delivery of cannabis and unlawful drug possession.

In addition to seizing marijuana and drug paraphernalia, police reported that they also seized one of the vehicles that had been used to conduct the alleged drug deal. The vehicle is a 2006 Infiniti.

Drug crimes often carry harsh penalties, especially when felony charges are filed against an individual. Defendants need to understand the penalties they face and they need to know how to protect their rights. An aggressive criminal defense attorney can be very helpful in these types of situations.

Source: Lake County News-Sun, “Three arrested on McHenry pot charges,” Oct. 18, 2012

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Three Lake County residents charged with felony drug crimes