Traffic stop on Illinois interstate leads to drug charges

On behalf of Philip Nathe

There are many different situations that might lead to an individual in the state of Illinois being arrested and charged with a criminal drug charge. Sometimes these arrests arise out of investigations that span months or even years. Other times however, they can arise out of something as simple as a traffic stop for speeding. A man from another state is facing that reality now. He was recently charged with a federal drug crime after heroin and cocaine were found in his car in the course of the stop.

Illinois State Police say that they pulled the vehicle over for speeding while it was traveling on I-80. At that point law enforcement indicated that they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. That odor prompted them to search the car which uncovered a total of 62 pounds of heroin and cocaine.

Following his arrest, the man, who is from Arizona, said he was on his way New York with the drugs which he had picked up in California.

As a result of the large amount of drugs found in the course of the search, the man was charged in federal court with possession of more than 5 kilos of cocaine with intent to distribute.

The charge the man faces should not be taken lightly. If he is convicted it is possible that he could be behind bars for at least 10 years. That would be a big chunk of the now 41-year-old man’s life. The consequences of federal crimes often result in more serious penalties than those at the state level. While it is important to always mount a vigorous defense against any criminal charge, it is especially true when the charge is at the federal level.

Source: KSAZ, “62 lb drug bust, Arizona man arrested in Illinois,” Jill Monier, Feb. 9, 2014

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Traffic stop on Illinois interstate leads to drug charges